Waveinvader - Body Board

Wave Invader is a start-up company who wanted to create a hybrid body board. We were initially asked to scan and model their first prototype board.

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Wave Invader
Designed For: Designbrand Ltd.

David Moodie Portfolio
The design progressed and included creating the CAD files for manufacture and some graphic work. The board differs from conventional bodyboards as it has a pointed nose more like a surfboard and a V hull similar to a speed boat. This gives the board much greater tracking ability - making a faster and more controlled ride.
David Moodie Design
The board has a hollow on the top deck that helps to locate the user and increased volume to keep the rider higher in the water, reducing drag and improving speed. The product is for sale in sports stores around the country and has had a great first season!
David Moodie Design