Switchlight - Downlight

Switch Lighting manufacture high quality LED lights right here in New Zealand. They saw an opportunity for a new downlight that would comply with upcoming legislation changes. We worked with them to design the housing that would allow their technology to comply as well as helping source local manufacturers.

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Switch-Lighting
Designed For: Designbrand Ltd.

David Moodie Portfolio
Switch lighting's new downlight required sufficient heat dissipation to allow insulation to be placed directly onto the housing.
I designed a die-cast alumunium housing with cooling fins that also doubled to keep the insulation off the housing surface.
David Moodie Design
The housing also needed to be airtight and minimise heat transfer from the room below into the roof space. Several injection molded TPU components were designed to acheive this.
The design was also focussed on keeping production costs as low as possible while still providing a high-end product.
David Moodie Design
To reduce cost I designed the spring retainer to be produced by CNC turning the die-cast housing rather than using expensive sliding cores in the tool. I also designed a unique locking component that reduced both the number of components and the assembly time.
This downlight has been a huge success. The product sold 25% more in the first three months than the previous product had sold in three years!
David Moodie Design