Stallion - Calf Feeders

Stallion Plastics are a kiwi farming icon. They are the manufacturers of some of New Zealands most popular agricultural equipment - especially in the calf rearing market.

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Stallion Plastics
Designed For: Designbrand Ltd.

David Moodie Portfolio
We were asked to design an improved 'fence feeder' to compliment Stallion's range. This roto-molded feeder needed to evenly distribute milk to 12 calves. I designed this feeder to pallatise and to stack for shipping. The end result being that seven of these feeders have the same shipping volume as two of their previous version.
David Moodie Design
I also designed a trailer tanker for transporting colostrum on the farm. The design included the pump housing and a hose 'reel' and nozzle dock at the rear. The brief required sheetmetal tooling and the parts had to fit with the existing trailer chassis and an existing tank from a previous product.
The pump housing had to fit a pre-selected pump and allow for the neccessary plumbing to be accessible. Particular attention was paid to the waterproofing rebate detail on the rim and integrating 'off-the-shelf' hinges for simplicity.
David Moodie Design
David Moodie Design