Smartspace Cookware

The brief for this project was to design square stacking cookware that would really save space in cramped kitchens. The design was primarily for boats, RV's and caravans. I designed a set of three pots that stack neatly inside each other. The lids have a unique sliding vent that allows the pots to be sealed for storing left-overs in the fridge. I also designed a removable handle that can be used on any of the cookware.
This cookware range has been a great success with sales in Australasia, Europe, South Africa and the USA.

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Smartspace Cookware

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The pots are die-cast in aluminum. Induction plates are then impact bonded to the base. The cookware has been designed for use on gas, electric and induction hobs. The lids are stamped from stainless steel and have a silicone knob fixed to the top.
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The cookware stacks inside the largest pot. This hugely reduces the amount of storage space required in a small kitchen. The square shape also better utilizes available space on smaller camp stoves.
The square shape presented quite a few technical challenges compared to traditional round pots.
David Moodie Design
In order to stack efficiently the handle needed to be removable. We experimented with several different ways to acheive this. The final design uses an 'over-centre toggle' mechanism with a release button at the rear of the handle. The handle is injection molded and includes die-cast and stamped components.
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David Moodie Portfolio
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