Slapsee Sunglasses

We were approached by the client to design sunglasses that could slap around the wrist. After much experimentation this was the design we took forward. The design had to take in ergonomic factors as well as aesthetics. Slapsees have just gone global and the reaction to this innovative product design has been fantastic!

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Slapsee

Product Design Sunglasses
The frames contain a stainless steel hinge in the nose bridge that allows them to fold. They can then be "slapped" onto just about anything!
Product Design Wellington Sunglasses
The arms are made like the snap bands of the 80's. A bi-stable spring is co-molded with a silicone skin. This makes the arms capable of both curling up and staying straight.
Product Development New Zealand Slapsee
Product Design New Zealand Slapsee
Industrial Design Slapsee
This sequence shows how the sunglasses work. Open/Folded/Slapped
Product Design Consultancy Work
Industrial Design Consultancy Work
Product Development Work