Safe Eyes - Safety Glasses

Safe Eyes have been manufacturing non-foggable safety glasses for some time and approached us to design their latest additions.

My Role: Lead Designer
Client: Safe eyes
Designed For: Designbrand Ltd.

David Moodie Portfolio
The principal idea behind Safe Eyes glasses is that the lenses are made of a very fine mesh. This allows air to pass through but foreign matter gets stopped. The original glasses were uncomfortable and we were tasked with addressing that.
David Moodie Design
I designed the glasses to have a very soft seal against the face. The straps are adjustable much like swimming goggles. The lenses are co-molded into the frames. The design process required close attention to ergonomics to ensure a comfortable fit.
David Moodie Design
The un-foggable lenses and comfortable fit mean that Safe Eyes remain on the user - especially important in jobs like forestry.
David Moodie Design